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Innovate pharmacy experience through DX

Medility was founded to address the challenges faced by a pharmacist with 10 years of experience, who could allocate less than 30% of their time to patient care due to manual medication management. Our goal is to reduce manual workload in pharmacies, enabling a greater focus on patient care.

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PillEye - pillcounting - advantages
PillEye - advantages

Our Mission

We are creating a healthier world by advancing medication management through innovative solutions.

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Medility users from all around the wolrd


Empowering Medication Management

We assist every place dealing with medications to create a healthier world. We genuinely address the challenges of all customers in the field of medication management.


Global Community of
Medication Professionals

Over 500,000 individuals worldwide, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians, are part of our community.

PillEye - advantages
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Our Service

PillEye - Easy, Fast, Accurate

pill-counting App

No more stress from tedious, time-consuming pill-counting tasks.

Count your pills in a flash! Count 90 pills in 1 sec. (down from 60 sec.)

Boost productivity with the world's favorite precise pill counting solution!

What Makes PillEye

the Ultimate Choice?

PillEye - advantages


Why users like PillEye?

"Reducing workload, and getting away from pressures"

With this app, I can actually be certain of how many pills there are so I don’t have to check an extra 5 times. It’s so much more efficient and takes the guesswork out of counting meds.

Ha••••, Pharmacist

If you want to learn more about Medility, explore business deals, feel free to reach out to us!

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